Religious Transformations

Welcome to the homepage of the research network Transforming Religious Identities and Communities at the Intersections of the Rural, Urban, and Virtual. This project is hosted at the Amsterdam Center for the Study of Lived Religion (VU University).

The aim of the network is to describe, evaluate, and design efforts of religious communities to respond to the demands and developments of functioning at the intersection of the rural, the urban, and the virtual, building social capital through care, education, and the expression of religious identities. The project therefore brings together expertise from a variety of contexts and disciplines, including the social scientific study of religion, practical theology, ethics, social geography, cultural anthropology, and future studies.

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The rural sphere is characterized by small communities with higher levels of interdependence and lower levels of social complexity.

Characterized by higher levels of differentiation and specialization and lower levels of traditionalism, although cities also show pockets of traditionalism and interdependent communities.

Characterized by higher levels of volatility and accessibility and lower levels of commitment.



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